Monday 24 May 2010

'Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep'

How do they go from being so timid and shy to basically taking over the bed? This is where Miss 'PonyLongLegs' ends up by morning...every morning. Of course she has her own, very comfortable sleeping arrangement, on the floor. That is where she starts out the night. Then, as soon as I enter the deepest of sleep modes, she must make her move. I then realize I am being crowded to the edge of the bed, but of course, can do nothing about it because I am sleeping. This struggle goes on for the rest of the night with an occasional moan from her if I dare disturb her at all. Okay, tonight, I am putting my foot down. I vow to make her return to her own bed each time she creeps into mine. My days of the ''menage a trois" are over. Wish me luck?


Joey Boshart said...

Yah... Rick complains too!! I get the soft, round parts of Syd and well... Rick he gets her "prickly" parts... her legs.. pushing him... Of course, he tip-toes around her when she sleeps and I, not so much... I push back, which causes her to "not even bother" with me... but she still has control of "daddy". Gotta love it. Put your foot down for goodness sakes!! Better yet, push your arms out... all the way til she falls off the bed. : )

ingrid said...

I laugh at you.
But still wish you luck. My guess is you'll be lucky to have 2 or 3 dog-free nights of sleep. She'll slowly be back.
Some nights with Indiana turned into WrestleMania, and she'd still get back on the bed the next day.
Good luck!

Sparky's Mom said...

Hahahha! I loved this post so much. I love your sneaky little roommate. She's got you right where she wants you. Sure, go ahead, lay down the law! Lemme hold my breath ;)