Friday 26 August 2011

DEXTER, PDAs, Blockages & Political Incorrectness

Okay, just finished watching the entire 5th season of Dexter -- uninterrupted. WoW. Our favourite, lovable, serial killer has done it again (and again and again), yet we continue to forgive him and even like and respect him. Yes, it is a macabre attraction to his world of right & wrong. Annnnyyyyywwaaaay. my real topic here is the fact that I have been dealing with some blog blockage lately. My life continues to be as unremarkable as it always has been, yet previously I have not had trouble finding something ri-dunkilous to write about. The other day the significant other and I had a 'PDA' not the good kind, but a 'Public Display of Attitude' right out in the driveway. Now you'd think that would be funny, right? Okay, now that I am thinking about it , it was funny. We got kind of loud and both commented on the other's piss poor excuse for a life and other such nonsense. It felt really good, actually and went no where before it just fizzled out. I decided to clean the bathroom ( it needed to be done anyway) and practiced my Daily Ruminations. Just like other forms of meditation, this one works really well for heart-rate slows down, my BP lowers, my mind clears and once again as I find my inner child with a touch of tourrette's ( I know, it's not PC to find humour in this disorder/syndrome but I do, at least the swearing part). Honestly, trying to find something meaningful and significant in the daily morass can be frustrating at best and downright depressing at worst. I have got to stop making sense.


Anonymous said...

Chica's... the "so Many CUTE puppies" was way less stressful... They ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! Went for a GREAT ride on a GOOD HORSE last night, tonight, and have an appt with one of my work "drug reps" to ride together tomorrow... Life is good in the hills of the unknown treasure land... I ruminate too, but find great pleasure in "sucking in" the beauty of the life you two helped us find. We have no regrets. We'll call you next week and "yak" cause we can't really YAK. Oh, BTW, Syd's a yak dog now. She did a classic cartoon, NOSE DIVE into the depths of Bismark and vwaLah!!! She had a JESUS moment.. she CAN'T walk on water... so she hung out on the yak with me...It's a good thing!

Chad said...

Hey, we love your (g*d d@m^t, f#ck^n ) piss poor excuse of a life! Give me a few more (fr^g^^n$) weeks! Amen, brother

ingrid said...

I for one will not boot you off of my blog list!! You'd have to do much worse! I think this was a perfectly honest post. That's good!