Saturday 6 August 2011


Montana was truly just that...amazing. Although the bugs at the National Park were a bit much and we blew out of there rather quickly, we ventured to other as beautiful places, a bit itchy, but 'awed' and happy on lakes and rivers. It was the less visited places that hit the spot, of course and the 'coy-dog' (that is a dog-x-coyote which we are now convinced is what PonyG is) agreed. She was very, very good on this trip (mostly) and really got into the rhythm of the road and seemed to get calmer and calmer as the days passed. There was only one 'incident' that I will report at this time....she hunted down and caught and killed a snake. No, I have no pictures of this but I will do my best to describe. We were walking through a lovely meadow beside a river and Miss PG was hopping around in the high grass looking just like a coyote--her front paws were folded up on her chest and she was hop-hop-hopping around the field and then she started stomping the ground. She was hopping & stomping and just looking so cute until she popped up with a snake in her mouth. This was the O.M.G moment...the first. Then she started violently shaking the poor thing like the feral beast she had become and the next thing we see is this snake flying through the air (in slow motion for what seemed like minutes) and landing in a tree. Me stunned. Snake obviously, dead. This was the next O.M.G moment. 'WILD-DOG' was as happy as could be and would have eaten the thing if she could have reached it..yeah, like that was going to happen. Baddog,baddog,baddog,baddog.......snake-killer


Anonymous said...

So exciting... saw a Lazy Daze sighting.....Just a quick message to goddab..good JOB!!!!!!! THANK GOD... you saved your MOM from a SNAKE. YOU ROCK!!!! Okay, now back to sillyhead... why,oh why, were you so OMG bout the snake thing and your girl protecting you from it???? It's HER JOB....and she is doing it well... I'm so glad I got to meet her... I absolutely LOVE her and adore what a great dog you have made her to be. She is magical...I'd love to have her love me the way she loves you two. Live is great, LOVED our time together so much! XOXOOXO

Chardonnay&Dutch Garray

kevel88 said...

What a rascal. . . Told you she was gifted!!


ingrid said...

Oh my goodness I'm laughing out loud!! I laughed so much I started choking!! That is the funniest story!!! I canNOT wait to share this with people!!! So stinking funny!!! I'm glad it wasn't a poisonous snake or anything of course, but wow!!! Fearless!! One time Indiana noticed a snake basking in the morning sun on one of our camping trips. I think she thought it was a stick and then was startled when it moved. Oddly, she lost interest when she saw it move. I did not. I picked it up, let her sniff it, and even have a photo of it somewhere. Never crossed my mind that a dog would have it in them to attack a snake! CRAZY!!!