Sunday 14 August 2011

some more montana

I don't take nearly as many pictures as I should when I am traveling or maybe as I could but here are some of the 'mythical-Montana' that movies are made of with conspicuously missing ones of 'meth-Montana'. Yes, it appears that from the loads of signage around that say things like 'do Meth and Death will be your designated driver' for example, that this is a real problem in these parts. I guess sometimes when you are born into, and live your entire lives with such astounding beauty, you don't see it after a while. Could that be it? I am sure it is quite complicated but I still just want to see what I want to see and choose to disregard the messy, methy rest. So, here are some of what I saw but could not really capture totally, but you get the idea.

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ingrid said...

odd. I guess living in a "phithly" city I expect places like clean Montana to inspire a personal cleanliness. What a shame. Thanks for sharing just the beauty, I have enough filth here in my city.