Wednesday 11 January 2012

Chain Mail From Canadian Tire

Can you guess what this is? I know it's not everyone's style so no need to state the obvious.
But, it is functional.
And, most likely, long-lasting.
I made it.
It almost made the guy at Canadian Tire go postal on me.
Actually, he was a real good sport even
after I explained to him what his assignment was.
I had him cut 55 linear feet of chain into 33" lengths which came out to 20 pieces.
Each length required 2 cuts on his machine.
We worked together... like... on a... chain gang.
A real life situation that required 'higher math'.
Yay, math!
(PonyG enjoying the noise it makes.)


ingrid said...

is it the answer to "gee I love beaded curtains but their not really my style...." If so, I'd LOVE one!! I used to have a giant chain just hanging from my ceiling for decor, I loved it. But somehow lost it in my many moves over the years. Ah well.
Cheers to you!

Anonymous said...

I bet it feels great when you have to get something out of the cupboard. I love smooth metal, blown glass, and polished stone... There is just something so satisfying when you enjoy tactile therapy. I think it looks great and it's good to know that you are moving in the right direction. Metal, metal, enduring metal!! I was going to buy you house warming light switches of diamondized steel but don't know if you have flips or clicks.... :)

Love you "heavy metal" style

So Ho Jo Jo

Cowgirl said...

Thank you both for appreciating the lovely-ness of metal. It is way more 'edgy' than the standard beaded curtain which leads us to imagine all sorts of

Cartoon Characters said...

thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment!

Love the chain curtain "beaded" doorway idea! I wish there was somewhere I could use it...I like it so much!