Thursday 19 January 2012

marching through the wilderness

For lots of us, what is sometimes referred to as a ' winter wonderland' translates is uber cold outside.
My girl tends towards the winter/wonder view of her world.
She is still a skinny, short-haired, typical mexi-mutt who by some quirk of nature (street genetics perhaps?) never, I tell you, never gets cold.
These days the most I do for outdoor exercise is put 4 or 5 layers of clothes on and grab the recycling stuff,
the compost stuff,
and the trash and march through the wilderness to the various and sundry containers for all of the above.
It is an aerobic work-out and I kid you not.
It is also playtime for PonyG. She has a neat trick of racing around and attacking me from behind because apparently, me falling on my arse in the snow is a great game.
By the time I get back inside those layers come off quick and I say a silent thank you for not breaking my neck and also feel a little crazy-but-good for continuing to do
winter composting, which could be called rural cross-fit.


ingrid said...

First of all, that is an awesome picture of her! And I love her collar too! She looks full of happiness and mischief! I love it.
Second, I can't believe she doesn't get cold! My baby won't even get close to our front door without her jacket on and it's not even snowing here yet! I think I spoiled her too soon maybe. Who knows.

Last - be careful out there! lol. Sounds like it could be very dangerous!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah... we don't want to see "Senors busting a hip"... I mean, I almost saw that last summer on my vacay when a woman carrying a kayak tried to go up the lake shore... Fortunately, for her, I asked if I could assist her, before she fell on her ARSE...and, well, after I stopped laughing at her. Remind you of anyone? Hugs from the COOOOOLLLLLDDDDD HO. :)

kevel88 said...

winter wonderland! Beautiful.
better you than me. . .