Friday 8 February 2008

Geting Things Done -- the Mexican Way

The Mexicans are the most helpful of people. Trying to get thing done in Mexico as anyone knows who has visited here can be an exercise in persistence and patience. But the outstanding thing is that even though someone cannot help you with your odd, off-the-wall request, they may just know someone else who can. And so they direct you out of their office and down the 'calle' into someone else's. Eventually, and this is always the case, you will find what you need. Such is the case with us trying to get a set of fingerprints done. Why, you might ask, would we need such a thing? Good question, but believe me, it would entail a long and very boring answer. The more interesting thing is the whole process and the fact that doing it here in this lovely town is so much more fun than doing it 'on the other side'. And anyway where else can one see papayas like these?

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