Saturday 9 February 2008

Meandering Around Town

A hot and dusty day in Mexico means moving slow and stopping and resting often. Just taking notice of the little things like how pretty the Iglesia de San Antonio looks in the early morning and then again later in the day with a wedding going on.

Then there are the sweet little street scenes when the colors and shapes and textures just catch your eye and you hope you can capture some of it in a picture. Well, it's worth a try. Of course, on a day like today being seduced by the grand cathedral in 'el centro' was a given, so I took a snapshot like all the other tourists here this Saturday.


Joey Boshart said...

Beautiful scenery.....I especially like the girl in the hat.

Dana G said...

Who is the prrriiiittttiiii chica?
oh. speaking of chica...I got some FAB ski pants (will email pic) that are white...muy sexy...and are called 'chica pants'...hola!