Thursday 28 February 2008

A Ritual for Some Reason

I think that one of the nicest things about being here in Mexico is that the people are so present. There isn't the posing or the hamming it up for the camera. There is just life as it is going on. Not a lot of pretensions, just comforting rituals and stuff being done the way its always been done.

I am not sure why this outdoor mass was happening but it was a pretty big deal. Lots of priests and nuns and an ice cream vendor as well as a snow cone guy who had lost several of his fingers (a tragic snow cone accident?).

Some of the smaller kids were entertaining themselves at the fountain and weren't paying any attention to the mass. The slightly older kids were just trying to get some sweets, but the adults though were pretty focused and serious. Anyway, I never could find out what was going on but later on that night there were some pretty loud fireworks.


Dana G said...

Hola amigos!
So glad you have this blog going! perhaps I should start my own on the dramatic ups and downs of love in the 21st century...a comedy of errors!!!
Anyhooo...mysterious parades, loud fireworks (Cheeko would've been just beside did Cowgirl fare?), and fingerless snowcone guys...yup...sounds just like the Mexico we know and love. Thank you for giving me a glimpse!
Person D
p.s. I dreamt I came to visit you in Nelson last night! Do dreams come true? :0)

Chad said...

What a great window into the cowgirl adventures. Don't..stop...
The dust of Mexico still settles on the heart...