Saturday 29 November 2008

Time is of the Essence

What a difference a few days make. Life is grand again. Feeling fiesty, standing straighter, making 'To-Do' lists, seeing a bit of a future. Truly, truly, having your health really is the BIG one in the grand scheme of things (at least on this planet). As a lot of us are now comes, money goes...who cares? Those of us that can get up out of bed, walk, run, move, breathe easily, see, hear, etc., are really most forunate. I always have used this mantra to make myself get out there and shake it and believe me, it works. On those days when I felt lazy and sluggish, I would just remind myself how lucky I was to even be able to move and here I was complaining that "I don't feel like it" -- well boo-hoo. Let me tell you today... I cannot wait to get out there and really move again and that day is coming again soon. The worst thing for me would be having these abilities taken away and thinking that when I had the chance to stay strong and fit, I blew it by being lazy. I think being as fit as possible can only help when life throws you one from out of the blue.

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