Wednesday 30 June 2010

"Having Said That"

Sometimes you can choose your relatives. Even though our 'familial' tie is a bit of a stretch (too complicated to explain) we have decided that it is enough to consider ourselves 'cousins' of a sort. The last 3 weeks here with Kathy have been hilarious & ridiculous. You know how it is when you are with someone who gets your humour and is also a really good sport about being the object of the joke, as well. Plus, she lets me dress her, which for anyone that knows me, knows that is one of my secret thrills. "Having said that", I was confounded, befuddled and perplexed about which photos to post that would accurately reflect our visit. I could have just gone with the beautiful pictures that Kathy took of the lake and here they are. But, the temptation to include one, just one, dress'-up shot was too much for me. I am weak. I am tweaked. I know not what I do.


ingrid said...

I love all of your photos!
In fact I just recommended your blog to a friend who is a photographer. I told him your photos were a great combo of "hello life" and sheer beauty. Capturing reality in it's many forms.
I hope he stops by to see these shots. They're all beautiful!!!!

kevel88 said...

Now it is all well and good that you are publishing my photos . . but having said that: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING WITH THE DOUKHOBOR!! I will be shamelessly ridiculed on the internet and probably could end up tagged on FACEBOOK!!

Your douk cuz!!

PS. Very sweet post and I love you, too.

Sparky's Mom said...

Hilarious photo! Hah!

Joey Boshart said...

Everybody LOVES Gina!!!!! Well, I mean, if you're a dork. She is my friend beyond friends that epitomize the whole Seinfeld Series. Although she employs a different cast, the situations, scenarios, and stories are all the same.

New quote for you and Kevel88....

"If you wreck it, make it look like an accident!" B. Ziegen

The picture of Kathy, alone, makes we know we are kindred spirits. I LUV IT!!!

Hugs! MoJoHo