Tuesday 22 June 2010

Swimming With the Fishes

This is the first time for PG on the kayak and she only dumped us once. I say, not bad, considering her, uh, 'giddy' personality. The capsizing occurred when she spotted a large, white & black, round buoy that we were serenely rowing towards. I noticed her rapt attention and then her low growl. So, I decided the best thing to do was just get closer to it and let her see that it was just a big ball in the water and nothing to be scared of. Of course, we now know that I totally misjudged this one. As we got closer and closer she started to get panicked and before I could stop, change directions or do anything...she bolted. First though, she jumped on me and using me as a springboard dove into the lake. The kayak flipped (in slow mo) and I followed. Man, it was cold. I was so happy we were both wearing our life vests as it took a moment to figure out what to do. We were not too far from shore but way over our heads. First thing I had to do was grab her (as she was trying to climb up on the upside down kayak) and point her towards the shore and push her away. So as she was paddling towards land, I started towing the kayak in as well. Swimming is hard when you are not used to it and I am not, but slowly I made it and all was well. I caught my breath, righted the boat, got back in and after a few minutes convinced PG to get back on with me. We steered clear of that horrible, scary, buoy. No, I have no pictures and there was no one around to see us (or even save us ) but a good lesson learned by me. STAY CLOSE TO THE SHORE....WEAR A LIFE VEST NO MATTER HOW HOT IT IS...GO WITH ANOTHER BUDDY....DON'T FACE THE DOG'S FEARS WHILE ON WATER...GET BACK ON AND RIDE AGAIN. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.


ingrid said...

Oh how exciting!!!

I want so bad to take Scarlett kayaking! I've always loved it, but Indiana was too much of a water lover. She would have just jumped in the water so I never tried it with her. She always wanted to swim whether it was 2 inches deep or 200 feet deep!
Scarlett doesn't seem to be much of a swimmer, so I'm hoping she'll like to sit atop a kayak.
I just don't know how to train her - or what type of kayak would be best. I've always rented. Is that an inflatable? I can't tell. I was going to try the LLBEan Manatee because it looked the roomiest and closest to my budget.

And now I know that tipping the boat with a dog isn't the end of things. Glad to hear PG got back on!!!

man, I spend too much time behind a desk, and too little time out on a lake.

Great story!! thank you!

Joey Boshart said...

Amen to that... Get back on and ride again. Now let's see how my "get er done" ride goes today. :o)

kevel88 said...

If only I had my camera recording the big splash. . . I would have posted it on your favorite website: FACEBOOK!!!

Really, pony is just the cutest kayak "hood ornament"!!


Sparky's Mom said...

Hah! I loved this little story and the pictures of your kayaking adventure with PG :) More please!

Denice said...

That story cracks me up!