Sunday 6 June 2010

Move It Along, Please

Death is delayed, never avoided. Such a comforting thought, seriously, and not morbid at all. It merely points out the obvious, which is, all we've got is today, baby. I wish I could be one of those that 'knows' there is something even more wonderful in the sweet hereafter, but I just can't get my head around that. Sorry. Personally, I find great comfort in knowing that this is all we get -- all of us -- all creatures great and small -- get the same shot. I like the fact that life is an even playing field. 'Kindness to all living things is the one true religion'. Not sure who this is attributed to (Buddha? perhaps?) but this seems to continue to work for me. It's simple, it's all-inclusive, it's easy. Anyone can do it.


ingrid said...

"You get what everyone else gets; you get a lifetime."
- Death

(a Neil Gaiman character as she consoles someone before she "collects")

Joey Boshart said...

Aahhh... As you know, my most dear sweet friend, I have a treasure to share. I sat, still, without another human, alone with my God, on a lake of glass, in my kayak. I drew it in, in all its glorious silence, which honestly screamed LOVE at me...and I thought... "All THIS and Heaven TOO????" I think that A LOT since YOU helped me remove the scales from my eyes. I was a pond frog who has found the ocean. Most are not so blessed to understand the beauty of beauty, as we, through life, and animals, and nature. It is such that builds my faith in the "there-after". Everything is so remarkably "designed" that it's the only area of my life where I feel "designer"... and the label is Jesus. Those who know me wonder how I ever got into a church...I'm not in a church, but I do follow a wonderful teacher who turned water into wine and showed kindness, and loved others. He's my map, my faith, my treasure.

I love you, my friend. You showed me something wonderful, but I had to trust to find it. I know that trust is a hard thing. When you finally let go.... it's easy.

BOBOJOJO said...

What is the common thread
The motive behind all that is dread
This step , That step
Plans of attack
Forays of the fractured
The simple we leave for the dead
What do we know
What have we learned
The truth is in temperance,in the solace that suffering yearns
For french fries and gravy, and a soft seat at the stern.

You so deep girl.

kevel88 said...

Death, taxes and childbirth! There's never any convenient time for any of them!---"Gone with the wind"