Wednesday 22 September 2010

Being Here Now

It has become impossible to ignore the new season that is here. No more hopes for an 'indian summer', as much as we all love the sound of that, chances are slim that it is going to happen. I was walking on the trail last evening (the one that is closed due to some visiting grizzlies...yikes) and it was littered with the first leaves of fall. The true colours have not come in yet but with a few more chilly/cold nights we are just hours away from a good show. I seriously need to make time to do my annual closet changeabout, which I look forward to. For me, cold weather wear is a good look as you can see by my very, fashionable legging picture. Leggings are a point of contention amongst some of my cohorts but I buck their attitude and forge ahead clad in practical, comfortable and effortlessly stylish cold-weather gear. It also is good time to dive more into knitting. Our Nelson Knitting Co-op is so much fun. We have already donated to one charity's fundraiser event and will be donating to two more charities this November. It takes our knitting to another level when we can give our beautiful, handmade items to strangers and know they are appreciated and used. The 'Co-op' concept is really coming to fruition and I am so pleased. Okay, enough of this drivel (dribble?) and we'll talk later.


ingrid said...

wow the vegetables look amazing!!! So jealous!
I was looking forward to one of my favorite quarter sleeve almost-a-sweater shirts this morning, but the warm 80degrees made me change my mind.

While the city isn't the best place to enjoy the change of seasons (why am I here again?) I am looking forward to hot apple cider and cozy blankets.

I also try to make my way to a state park to see the leaves in the Autumn Glory. So exciting!

Cowgirl said...

Thanks Ingrid. Proud to say that I grew all those vegs.

Joey Boshart said...

Girl.. PG has SOME LEGS... she too needs some knitted, wool, "Flash Dance" leg warmers!!!! Winter is coming...almost pushing FALL. Remember, before the co-op... PG needs your love, and "charity begins in the home". : ) PG will love me even though we haven't met yet. PS - I bought her a gift recently... can't wait to send the "package". Hugs.... Wanna eat your veggies~~~

Love you like you're a healthy, little squash!

Your SoDak Sissy

kevel88 said...

Now youe jeans picture looks obscene! What is that exactly between your legs!?!?!?

Love this harvest time. I am eating squash, squash soup, squash Quesadillas, you name it. We are having an Indian summer, so might even get some more tomatoes if this keeps up.

Cute socks and hat. I agree that you need to girl to model some of you stuff.