Friday 3 September 2010

Falling in Love all Over Again

Falling in love all over again. Me and my imp were at it all last week. A girl after my own heart and let me tell you...she caught it. The defining moment was when she discovered 'free-boxing'. We were driving and saw a box with a sign over it that said 'FREE' so I pulled the car over and told her to jump out and see what was inside. That was the beginning of her obsession. After that we were on a constant hunt for free stuff. How can you not love that?! She found some really good stuff too (two cool purses). She also found some funny stuff (that weird puppet). She also found some gifts for other people (nice make-up bag for me and earbuds for T.). Her excitement was hilarious. An added bonus to this whole affair is that we have all decided that we are related (it's distant and a bit stretched, but we are taking it) and that makes things even sweeter. The only down side was our time together was way too short. But this is not just a geographically-convenient love. This is L-O-V-E in all caps. xoxo to my favorite little funny girl.


kevel88 said...

yes She is my favorite funny girl, too. Hard to believe how far she has come since her edge of life beginning! She is such a special gal!!!!


Joey Boshart said...

Oh, how I truly L O V E the pix! A mini you! Wants to be just like her Aunti Gigi, for sure. : )

Isn't it fun and well, truly amazing, when there is a young person who adores you and wants to be "like" you. Scary and amazing all at once.

You HAVE been busy, haven't you????

Your "other" imp in Sodak. xoxoxx

Chad said...

Hey, I know that munchkin...and you know the great thing is that she thinks your the greatest friend too! Never have to talk her into a trip to see my friends cause their just as much her's as well.

Definitely a mini bambina in the making. The pics of you both look like peas from the same dressed out pod...must be the DNA.