Wednesday 15 September 2010

Betwixted & Between

Before we launch into another season wholeheartedly, I am savoring these in-between days and nights. Waking up to a day that doesn't know what it wants to can't decide what to wear...its a bit befuddled as to its exact has temporarily lost sight of its unsettling. You know where it is ultimately destined to arrive, but the back and forth banter and playful scuffling of temperature, sun, rain, clouds and wind keeps us off kilter. Keeps me, anyway, feeling a bit twisted inside and out. Not in a totally bad way but just in an 'anything can happen' way. In my mostly ordered life, I like this major uncontrollable force. I am still preparing like crazy for the winter. I already made plum and strawberry jam. Just picked all the shallots and onions and have them hanging & drying. Beets and carrots are in cold storage. Pesto has been made and is in the freezer. Peas and rhubarb are frozen too. The tomatoes are picked, getting nice and ripe and will soon be ready for preserving in the form of my roasted tomato sauce which, if i do say so myself is quite yummy. Today is predicted to be almost hot after a chilly night so maybe a nice float on the lake would work. Of course the monster dog will go for a swim as she has not figured out that the dog days of summer are coming to an end. Winter will be quite a surprize for her.


ingrid said...

How lovely. I wish I had fresh fruits and veggies getting prepped and ready for my winter. I was able to find a few decent tomatoes from my parents garden but it was certainly slim pickins this year.

Other than the awesome food storing, I know what you mean about the season change. It's like an awesome grand finale and a beautiful prologue at the same time. I think that is why sunsets are my favorite time of day. That strange transition between a full & wonderful day to a world of new possibilities.


Joey Boshart said...

I have decided that "home" is, undoubtly, a most wonderful word. It's where we plan for the future, enjoy the present, and know, without a doubt, we can come home to a warm cup of tea, soup, or coffee.... a warm shower, bath, or bed... and smiling faces from all those that love us, 2 footed or 4. : ) Ain't HOME grand???

ingrid said...

haha - thanks for the new blog link. I can certainly relate to that blog too!