Monday 27 September 2010

La Luna

Here are some pictures of a sheer, unabashed, in-your-face, look at me, how could you not, beauty of a night, on the road... somewhere. I remember this night and how cold it was and how utterly clear everything was.. There are no doubts on a night like this. There are no gray areas or half-truths. There is no wondering or questioning or searching. It is all pretty much right there in front you, bright and shining. What more proof do you need that all is as it should be?


ingrid said...

That's crazy. Funny you should post about "wondering & questioning". I was just having this conversation. I didn't mention the moon, or sun, or stars, or mountains, but I did mention how there are certain things in this world (the rings on a shell, the veins in a leaf) just make me feel like all is right. Like you said:

All is as it should be.


Shelley said...

Lovely Gina:).

Joey Boshart said...

I couldn't agree more. I see Him all the time. All is as it shall be, as it was planned. : )

I love you, my star-gazing, moon follower. Remember, every night, they are exactly the same... as they were thousands of years ago... planned. Yes, I said thousands, not millions. Till I find some writings from millions of years ago, I won't believe it.... but they were blogging.. on walls and papyrus, leaves, but.. must I say.. just a few thousands of years ago. : )

Enjoying the SoDak Fall sky like you're enjoying your CLEAR, Canadian sky.

xoxoxo Love the fall colors and anticipating the white winter ahead. I LOVE the seasons!!


kevel88 said...

Amazing pics. I was just thinking I should blog about the last full moon, but guess you beat me to it!!