Sunday 29 March 2009

The Theory of Evolution

Since starting this blog I have come to realize how much pictures put a perspective on things. How much they jog your memory and flesh out your life. How they capture a moment that otherwise would be lost and forgotten. How they bring out all kinds of reflections of who you were then and who you are now. Sometimes there is a significant change and sometimes not. I rememeber when these two photos were taken and who took them. I love the two subjects and so much has changed since the pictures were taken. I like imagining myself back at that moment and not knowing the future. It's fun to re-trace your footsteps and think what and where you would be if you had done something different. Once again...the possibilities are endless.

Tuesday 24 March 2009

A Day in Our Life

This picture captures one of my favorite moments. It was one of those times when everything was perfect. A 'freeze-frame' moment. A moment when I look back on it, almost pains me in its perfection. The place (New Mexico), the people (all good), the dog (happy & healthy). I can feel the heat of the sun and am totally aware of Cowgirl's impatience to get off that rock and run. It is a moment captured and forever treasured and one that I am happy to return to often, and I do. What more can I is just one of those days.
Today I needed to post one of my favorite pictures of me and Cowgirl. Everytime I look at this photo it makes me so happy. The moment was one of those perfect life freeze-frames.

Wednesday 18 March 2009

Holiday Madness

I need to talk about how frustrating technology can be sometimes. My dear friend, Joelle, and I have been trying now since we returned from Isla Mujeres to get the pictures from her camera to me, and my laptop. Do you think that two fairly intelligent people ( well, me being the fairly intelligent one and her being the real smarty pants) can figure out how to do this? Obviously, the correct answer is 'NO'. So I am just going to do the best I can to just chat with you about what we did, who we met, things we ate and how it looked. Simply put, the ocean was the most beautiful color blue ever. Even in the pictures (I have actually seen them) the color does not look real. The temperature was just perfect and the water was crystal clear. The beaches were clean except for the occasional bits of plastico that Mexico is so famous for, and some rebar and some large cement building blocks half-buried in the sand and various bits of flotsum & jetsum. Not bad for a part of the world that regularly gets destroyed by hurricanes. In fact, the island for being so exposed and battered by the elements, looks remarkable. I need to mention that this time spent on Isla Mujeres with my dear friend was for me a turning point in what has been kind of a traumatic year. Without delving into the sordid details (already been talked to death), let's just say I was spiraling down and didn't feel able to stop the ride. For the first time in my life, I wasn't able to see my way back to me. Living in this state of distress was not an option. With a little help from my friends (and you know who you are) I am happy to report....I'M BACK ! Okay, more on the holiday in posts to follow and who knows maybe, just maybe we'll be able to figure out how to transfer pictures. This is probably why I should of had a kid!

Tuesday 10 March 2009

Out of the Woods

Ahhhhhhhh. Back from the heat and humidity and utter chaotic beauty and absurdity of Mexico to the lovely, crisp, cold, white north. My two weeks away was precisely what the doctor ordered and the patient is resting comfortably and her prognosis is good. My send-off by David Byrne couldn't have been more perfect -- to see and hear him perform a mere arm's-length away from me was a dream come true. I believe that night got me out of the wilderness of despair and opened the door to "a million possibilities" (to quote DB himself). More tall tales to follow regarding my BIG FAT MEXICAN ADVENTURE as soon as I get my thoughts in some sort of order. Perhaps, manana?