Monday 27 January 2014

te quiero Lopez

Before I waste any time at all, I will quickly load up some pictures from  LOPEZ Island....just off the coast of Washington State, US of A....really seems more like Canada but what do I know?

It's nice and quiet here.  I've always liked islands and now I LOVE islands....especially this one.

Bye for now 

Sunday 12 January 2014


Let me start by saying "I officially hate Blogger".  Whatever is going on with all the new improvements is NOT working.   This new format is so cumbersome and not user-friendly in any way.  So, here is my 3rd attempt at posting today.  Give me a break and please be kind as any inspiration I started the day with has gone up in smoke and basically I will be happy if I can get anything out and if Blogger will allow me to add the pictures...oh please, almighty Blogger, oh please....

Cold view from the deck

Snow and sheet metal....

The often used mountain bike ramp.....YAH!

My pretty 'PIT-mation' pup

Pony thinks...well, sort of...

...well that's enough of that!

Protective coloring comes in handy at the end of an exhausting snow day.

Thank you Oh Mighty Blogger for allowing me to post this perverted version of what I really wanted to say.

Really, it is YOU not me.