Monday 15 July 2013

Stepping Lightly

Prancing Pony on new floor.

We are all loving our new, indestructible (so they say) flooring.
Yes, I can see the white hairs from my constantly shedding dog, but with my new cordless vacuum it is so easy to zip on through the Mo-bile and
for minutes-on-end  we are fur-free.

Wednesday 3 July 2013

small miracles

most of the time we hardly give it any notice but every once in awhile it just stuns...there above us only sky.   i think John Lennon said that or something similar.  so there you go.   a beautiful display played out for your viewing pleasure.   pretty spectacular but hardly unusual and only special when we dare to look up at a particular moment and deign to notice.   now that is a fun word -- 'deign'.  i am not sure i have ever used that before but i like it.  reminds me of 'uxorious' --  another fun word that is just not appreciated as much as i think it should.  okay, i know this sounds like rambling and it is and yes, i am under the influence of home brew (a nice dry chilean sauvignon blanc) but its been a sweet hot, summer day in rural british columbia and its good to be alive.   i am just seizing this day.