Saturday 29 October 2011

the 3rd season

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Here's to the end of October. These pretty pumpkins grew on their own from the compost I spread over my garden this past summer.
They were a pleasant surprise and I take no credit for them at all.
I just think their colour really says 'autumn'. Oh, and there is a light dusting of snow on the mountain this morning with the sun shining and the temp hovering at 0' Celsius. xo

Saturday 22 October 2011

Moving Tips & Tricks

Sometimes even in the midst of a moving mess, a girl has got to keep up her appearance. I was told several times over the week that I was looking real good which leads me to another very valuable moving tip.... get that 'sleeping chamber' set up first thing. One must have at least one tranquil area to retreat to when the sight of all your 'stuff' starts to drive you insane.

Tuesday 18 October 2011

Bumkins? Hillbillies?

It only took a week of moving, bit by bit, everyday and was done. It may be just a "van down by the river" but it's all ours...all 1.06 acres of it. Every moment has been spent unpacking and putting things away in the 'MO-bile' as well as long-term storage (for the winter) under the Mo-bile. Who knew there is this whole area underneath these things that you can put stuff and it stays dry and safe until you need it again! WoW. And the SHED! How can you not love the SHED? A HUGE thank you to our moving crew: Keiron (Superman), Mike (Kiwi Kamakazi), Mossimo & Bonnell (Sproule Creek Amigos mejor) and Gavin (aka the 'Gavinator'). You are all the best friends anyone could ask for. Also a big, BIG thank you to Stephanie for cooking us a 'traditional ' T0Furkey Thanksgiving dinner...yum...and to Bonnell & Gimel & Natasha & Wynn for the best 'brine-free' Thanksgiving turkey ever...OMG...and to my knitting superhero, Kathy, for the grande finale, big Canadian family Thanksgiving affair with all the trimmings...Mmmmmm. You fed us when we were tired, dirty and oh, so hungry.

Monday 10 October 2011


People! Even when you DO NOT have a lot of stuff, when you move, you still have a lot of stuff. Seriously, it is amazing. I cannot post any pictures right now because I cannot find the cord thing for my camera. I don't know how to do it the card way and I am too exhausted to try. HAPPY THANKSGIVING FELLOW CANADIANS

Wednesday 5 October 2011

adieu la vue

Just realizing that very soon I will not be seeing 'la vue' on a daily basis. This has been the scene out the front door for the last six (yes 6!) YEARS. Countless hours have been spent and many glasses of wine have been drunk on the deck watching the changing scene over the water.
No, it has never been taken for granted. Every day it was cause for pause. Every day it was a reminder of just how beautiful this place is. I've got dozens of pictures and not one of them is the same. So do all the friends and family that have visited us here. Every one of them seemed stunned at the first sight and proceeded to try and capture its beauty. Amazingly, many did. Stay tuned for pictures from the 'la nouvelle vue' as the move to the country starts in just a few days! So excited! 'adieu pour maintenant'