Monday 27 September 2010

La Luna

Here are some pictures of a sheer, unabashed, in-your-face, look at me, how could you not, beauty of a night, on the road... somewhere. I remember this night and how cold it was and how utterly clear everything was.. There are no doubts on a night like this. There are no gray areas or half-truths. There is no wondering or questioning or searching. It is all pretty much right there in front you, bright and shining. What more proof do you need that all is as it should be?

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Being Here Now

It has become impossible to ignore the new season that is here. No more hopes for an 'indian summer', as much as we all love the sound of that, chances are slim that it is going to happen. I was walking on the trail last evening (the one that is closed due to some visiting grizzlies...yikes) and it was littered with the first leaves of fall. The true colours have not come in yet but with a few more chilly/cold nights we are just hours away from a good show. I seriously need to make time to do my annual closet changeabout, which I look forward to. For me, cold weather wear is a good look as you can see by my very, fashionable legging picture. Leggings are a point of contention amongst some of my cohorts but I buck their attitude and forge ahead clad in practical, comfortable and effortlessly stylish cold-weather gear. It also is good time to dive more into knitting. Our Nelson Knitting Co-op is so much fun. We have already donated to one charity's fundraiser event and will be donating to two more charities this November. It takes our knitting to another level when we can give our beautiful, handmade items to strangers and know they are appreciated and used. The 'Co-op' concept is really coming to fruition and I am so pleased. Okay, enough of this drivel (dribble?) and we'll talk later.

Monday 20 September 2010

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Betwixted & Between

Before we launch into another season wholeheartedly, I am savoring these in-between days and nights. Waking up to a day that doesn't know what it wants to can't decide what to wear...its a bit befuddled as to its exact has temporarily lost sight of its unsettling. You know where it is ultimately destined to arrive, but the back and forth banter and playful scuffling of temperature, sun, rain, clouds and wind keeps us off kilter. Keeps me, anyway, feeling a bit twisted inside and out. Not in a totally bad way but just in an 'anything can happen' way. In my mostly ordered life, I like this major uncontrollable force. I am still preparing like crazy for the winter. I already made plum and strawberry jam. Just picked all the shallots and onions and have them hanging & drying. Beets and carrots are in cold storage. Pesto has been made and is in the freezer. Peas and rhubarb are frozen too. The tomatoes are picked, getting nice and ripe and will soon be ready for preserving in the form of my roasted tomato sauce which, if i do say so myself is quite yummy. Today is predicted to be almost hot after a chilly night so maybe a nice float on the lake would work. Of course the monster dog will go for a swim as she has not figured out that the dog days of summer are coming to an end. Winter will be quite a surprize for her.

Friday 3 September 2010

Falling in Love all Over Again

Falling in love all over again. Me and my imp were at it all last week. A girl after my own heart and let me tell you...she caught it. The defining moment was when she discovered 'free-boxing'. We were driving and saw a box with a sign over it that said 'FREE' so I pulled the car over and told her to jump out and see what was inside. That was the beginning of her obsession. After that we were on a constant hunt for free stuff. How can you not love that?! She found some really good stuff too (two cool purses). She also found some funny stuff (that weird puppet). She also found some gifts for other people (nice make-up bag for me and earbuds for T.). Her excitement was hilarious. An added bonus to this whole affair is that we have all decided that we are related (it's distant and a bit stretched, but we are taking it) and that makes things even sweeter. The only down side was our time together was way too short. But this is not just a geographically-convenient love. This is L-O-V-E in all caps. xoxo to my favorite little funny girl.