Monday 26 May 2008

The Salad Days...

A bit of a pause here and some reflections on crossing the border this time. Hmmm...a deep breath. This time something magical will happen after we cross that line between the USofA and Canada -- we will become legal residents of another country. A country freely chosen because of what it represents, on a very personal level to us. It has been a long road getting here, both literally and figuratively. It was a choice not made lightly. It was a choice made because there was/is a desire for a different way. The funny thing is that the differences between the US and CA are not so obvious but seem very, very subtle. I don't want to sound like a hopeless romantic, in love and not able to see any of the flaws in the object of my affections, but in some ways I am, and you know what...I am going to just enjoy this time in the relationship. As we all know from past experiences, these days don't last forever but the now is just so sweet. Marching through the wilderness.....

Tuesday 20 May 2008


MONTANA!!!! WOW!! I know, I say so often that I love this place or that place, but this is my kind of world. This is as Tom Jones sings in his immortal classic, "SEX BOMB", 'the real deal'. This is true love, with a whole lotta lust thrown in for fun. Yeah, it is big sky and bigger vistas. Yeah, it is a very cool place. Yeah, it is very now. But, there is something else attractive here. Dare I say it is the unpretentiousness that it so hypnotizing? I feel like I am being inducted into a cult...the cult of Montana. Was this full moon over Montana just the sign I was waiting for? Take me now.


WYOMING. Let us talk about magnificent. Let us talk about stunning. Let us talk about grandeur. Driving through this state today and soaking up some of its natural beauty was a spiritual experience. It just blows me away that places like this are here and thankfully, protected. Yes, thank you dear forefathers, for having foresight or hindsight or whatever, and making this place sacred. I also just adore all the warnings about NOT approaching the wildlife, may I add, the CONSTANT warnings and then coming upon people out of their cars (out of their minds as well), calmly walking toward a foraging grizzly to snap a photo! Well, just for the hell of it, I refused to take any pictures of wildlife. So there.


UTAH is a very pretty state. It is the sky that is so alluring today...why just take a gander at it...don't you agree? One of my most favorite of things is a blue, blue sky with white puffy clouds and that is just the treat I am getting today. Mmmmmmm so delicious, so mesmerizing, so right. I am thinking that I like whatever it is that is going on here. UTAH is a nice state of mind.

UTAH -- Pretty State #1

Monday 19 May 2008

Escape from California

Don't mean to whine, don't mean to cry but whaaaaaaaa, whaaaa, wha. Finally, the stay in California has some of you didn't even know we were there...well it's true. There was a job to do and it was done. I must say I am psychically exhausted (does that make any sense?). It was really hard closing out someone else's life. Really, really hard. There is a sense of not doing enough or maybe, doing too much. Then there is that final decision to just STOP because ultimately, we are all on this road alone and coming to terms with that is a very individual process. So, it goes and goes with 'grace'.

Monday 5 May 2008

Less is More

What do we really need? I am thinking, hardly anything. The more time I spend with less belongings, the more it strikes me that most of what we own, most of our 'stuff' is entirely unnecessary. It seems that it is becoming more and more attractive to me to have less and less. It is not that I have so much, because as far as 'objects' are concerned, I do not, but I am being, more and more drawn, to having less and less. I find this very interesting and very, very liberating. Although, there are so many beautiful objects everywhere, the desire to possess them isn't there like it used to be. In fact, it is a bit overwhelming for me to be around excess. It was exciting once, but now it is just sad. I find myself almost resistant to acquiring any new thing. I find myself enjoying an empty room. I find myself not being able to breathe in a cluttered space. I find myself in awe of these beautiful people. I find myself.