Sunday 28 November 2010


Hit me with a snowball and push me down the hill. Slipping, sliding and gliding. We are in full snow mode here and it is just starting. Last night was amazing. It was so cold and the snow was falling so softly that I found myself standing outside on the deck, looking and listening to the quiet. There is a sound to snow falling. Snow-fall. You can say what you want but I will argue that there is nothing more beautiful than waking up to the sun shining and fresh powder covering everything.

Thursday 25 November 2010

Sometimes I Wonder

What is this thing on my bed?

Thursday 18 November 2010

Treats for a Change

Into the oven ... Flip them over and brown on the other side.... Voila... Well, I am going to try and pass on a simple recipe that I have come up with after doing some research on making my own dog treats & food. It is so easy...really. Granted, PonyGirl is not a picky eater and is always hungry. I just want to know that what I am giving her is good. Okay, here it is and remember the proportions are NOT that important. It's the consistency that is key. Drier is better than wetter. (Dry is better than wet?). You will need: Pumpkin (I use plain, canned ) You can use: oats, milk powder, a wee bit of wholegrain wheat flour, ground almonds, ground peanuts, quinoa, some good oil, nutmeg, ginger, oat bran, ground coconut. You can use all of these ingredients or some of them. Combine all the dry ingredients that you have. My approximate measure is abut 1/4 cup for the oats, milk powder, wholegrain wheat flour, ground almonds, ground peanuts. A little less on everything else. And just a pinch of any spices. Add enough of the pumpkin and oil to the dry ingredients only enough to moisten the mixture and have it hold together. When the consistency is right (remember dry is better than wet in this case) coat your hands with a little flour and shape your treats. Here you can use your imagination and have fun. Place on a very lightly oiled baking sheet and bake in 375' oven for at least 20 minutes (or more) on each side until the treats are browned and crisp (like biscotti). Taste them...they are pretty darn good, baby. Addendum: you can also use shredded carrots and apples to vary the recipe although, remember, this will make the dough wetter, so cut back on the pumpkin or oil or add more dry ingredients. You can also top each treat with a blueberry for cuteness and dog seem to love them. I would love to hear any ideas and suggestions. Disclaimer: I am not a vet or a nutritionist, although I do play one on the internet. Hah! Good Luck.

Thursday 11 November 2010

Feed Me

Its funny how just a generation or two ago, which is NOT that long ago, people didn't really think so much about what their dogs ate. I mean there wasn't any such thing as 'dog food' when I was growing up. Our family dog (one and only), Rusty, ate what we ate. As did everyone else's dogs. Rusty lived for 19 years! Can you imagine that? A mutt puppy that just showed up at our door on a Christmas Eve in a rural neighborhood way back...well way back in the olden days. Of course, she was dumped on our road by some awful person who just threw her away. Regardless, Rusty was ours and we were hers for the next nineteen years. She went everywhere with our family, without a leash, without a license (didn't exist then) and was just the most well-behaved dog ever. During all the time we had her in our life I do not ever remember her visiting a vet except once for spaying. Was it luck that she was so healthy? I do not think so. I think a big part of her long lifespan was living a fairly natural lifestyle. Rusty enjoyed a rather traditional 'mediterranean' diet --- lots of fruit, vegetables, pasta, meat, fish and bread, for her entire life. Okay, folks, this is just my opinion but I think if YOU are what you eat, then it just makes sense that YOUR DOG is also what she eats. Which brings me to my point...finally. This new dog gets only real food. Real good food that takes into consideration that she is a dog. Unless you have been living in a bubble, you must be aware of the real food revolution going on. Funny how things come full circle and these days the stuff our ancestors ate (stuff from their garden and farm) are now what we are supposed to (and should) eat. They also got lots of exercise on a daily basis as did our dogs way back then. So real food and lots of daily exercise....any questions?. I do make a large quantity of 'dog food' every week and freeze half of it. I also make yummy biscuit treats -- it is so easy to do and so much less expensive than buying questionable dog 'food' from the store. Will it make my dog live long? Not so important as being healthy for as long as she lives. I hope it works for me too. BTW most dogs are omnivores as any one who has a dog knows. In fact, my girl discovered a lovely open compost pile the other day and feasted on old Halloween pumpkins and some other rotting vegetables. Once a Mexican street dog, always a Mexican street dog.

Sunday 7 November 2010

Thoughts About a Change

Well I was thinking about changing things up here on the old blog site so I tried a new template and....hated it! There followed a few moments of sheer panic trying to get back to this very basic design and I am so relieved to have recovered it. Phew, certain changes can be way too frightening. I think this 'old' version is just fine. It is simple and not so busy-bee with a dozen other things going on in the margins and on the top, etc. I just want to say a few words, post a few pictures and this format serves my purpose. This is no novel, it's not even a short story. It is just a place to essentially talk to myself and to garner a bit of feedback (which I dearly love) from some friends (whom I also dearly love) to bring me back to earth. I have decided to make some other minor changes though. One is my 'links' list which I think needs to be updated. There are some more blogs out there are near and dear to my heart and I want to share them. The other reason is that I have noticed that a lot of people start a blog and then let it fizzle....sure there are lots of good reasons for that... but it kind of saddens me a bit when someone just stops posting. I often wonder what is going on. It is kind of like being dropped by a friend with no explanation. Yes, 'e-friends' are friends too, just in a parallel universe, and really, we can never have too many friends, 'e' or otherwise, can we? So, for anyone out there I am posting some random photos for no good reason at all and saying "HELLO".