Thursday 25 November 2010

Sometimes I Wonder

What is this thing on my bed?


Sparky's Mom said...

A contortionist!!! That's quite impressive :)

And yes, they do in fact look like little old men! I didn't notice until now... hahah

Amanda White C.P.A.G.B. said...

lol, I call that back ache in the morning from sleeping around your little friend, as we always accomodate them at the expense of our own comfort...I have a stretchy cat on mine! I just realised you live in Nelson, I have never visited there, but love the film Roxanne with Steve Martin which was filmed there, tell me is it as pretty as the film?

kevel88 said...

Nelson is more beautiful than the movie Roxanne, Amanda. One of my favorite places on earth. Plan to do my summer retirement there!!


ingrid said...

Looks like she needs a blanket. Or maybe just a shawl to wrap around her shoulders. Looks like she should have some hot tea next to her as well.