Friday 16 August 2013


Okay so maybe I have been a little busy but I know that is not a valid reason for not posting anything in so long.
I have had visitors.
Loads of visitors and have loved each and every one of them.
Bless their hearts.
They kept me busy with all the running around and then there was (is) the HEAT.  It has been so bloody hot here in the GREAT WHITE NORTH  that it has been hard to get worked up about anything except getting my fat ass into the river which btw was the recipient of a minor (35,000 liters) jet fuel spill a couple of weeks ago!
This resulted in a knock on the door at 1:30 am one morning and there stood 2 fully geared up firefighters informing us that we would need to turn off all the power to our house (except freezer & fridge  : ) and.... in EVACUATE...due to a the aforementioned jet fuel spill into our formerly pristine (you could drink it) river!

Oh...OH...oh...and another thing...the MO-bile kitchen re-muddling is in full schwing as of the last week.
So total and ultimate kitchen chaos is reigning supreme as we speak.
Kitchen crap is strewn everywhere and we are trying to keep up with the carpenter and his demands to "prime, paint, sand and move stuff out of my way!".....hey, aren't we paying him?   So why is he ordering us around?
I just do not know the answer to that.
I know these sound like xqzs but really they're not...