Wednesday 28 April 2010

"Leave it"

There is nothing in the world that smells better than a loaf of baking bread. We have taken on the joy(challenge?) of baking our own bread these days. Please trust me I am not going to preach about it. I know that it is an endeavor that is time consuming and fraught with dangers. There is a learning curve that involves some failures and some so-so successes, but ultimately once you figure it out,the best thing you ever will taste is smack in front of you. It draws crowds of admirers both two-footed and four-footed, and provides a 'leave-it' training opportunity as well. PonyGirl could barely contain her enthusiasm, but she did. I swear, this consistency thing with dogs really works. If only we could stifle her yodeling alarm bark that scares the living shee-it out of me every time I hear it. Anyone for a warm slice of bread with some, (God help me) real butter?

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Seeing Clearly

I have been thinking about this place lately. Well, not the place exactly, but the state of mind of the place. That is, seeing the beauty of imperfections. I wonder why we are so much more forgiving when we are somewhere 'foreign'? I personally have such a hard time with less than perfection in my real life. I have tried, oh yes I have tried, but I just don't feel right when things are amiss ( or, a mess). But, get me out of my comfort zone, baby, and suddenly ...Colors are just right. Decay is lovely. Noise is not disturbing. Everything is ambience. Disorder? Syndrome?Disease? Nah, just your normal, common, everyday compulsive personality who likes to get out there and see the world (through sunglasses, of course) and then come back home and tidy up. No apologies.

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Say When

Want vs. need. Luxuries or necessities? Come on, a big comfortable bed with clean sheets and a down comforter? Indoor plumbing? Hot water? The list goes on and on and on. What a delectable world we live in with just these basics. Yes, I consider those things some of the basics. I do live in North America after all. Then, there is food. That is an issue that can be so simplified merely by deciding to only eat, grow & buy REAL food. Sure your choices are pared down, but what a relief that actually is. It it ain't food then why put in in your mouth? Well, okay, that is not a trick question and this is not an x-rated post but we will make that exception and concession to adolescent humour. I will admit that I can get sucked into the vortex of want just as easily as anyone else. Sometimes I have to have some thing because it is beautiful (earrings, sexy boots, french perfume, my Alessi tea kettle...okay I'll stop) but the less often that happens the more I treasure those few items. The best is when function & beauty collide. That my dear little puppies is when she lives happily ever after. The end.

Friday 9 April 2010

When Good Things Happen

When something nice so unexpectedly happens, it is such a treat. A chance meeting on a trail in the woods on a frigid day and 'voila' somebody is giving me a really nice winter coat for my pup. Her eyes told me the story first and then when she asked more questions about 'the girl' I knew her interest went beyond the typical 'what kind of a dog is that' question. You know what followed was the sweet short story of her dearly, departed dog. It was nice listening to her and having that moment of meeting a kindred spirit. I popped over to her house later in the afternoon. It turns out she lives in one of my favorite houses in town, just a few blocks away. The coat is perfect and my camera is missing-in-action so the picture posted is totally random. There you go...a random act of kindness. Feels good.

Saturday 3 April 2010

She's Got Some Legs

Oh, bear with me. Sometimes it's just time for gratuitous puppy pictures and some bragging. PonyGirl has entered into a wonderful new phase just recently. I think all our work together is finally paying off. We have been consistent with the rules as well as the rewards even when it would have been easier to go the lazy route and let things slide. She has learned to enjoy and savor her meals. She eats everything. She is far less barky. She sits by the door instead of dashing out as soon as it opens. She greets people in a friendly way (although we are still working on the excited jumping up on them). And, a really big one is that after people arrive in the house...she actually goes and lies down on her bed and goes to sleep! Even while we are eating! It has a lot to do with the exercise and let me tell you, this girl needs a lot of exercise. Hence, it has become the daily priority to tucker her out. This can only be done when at the end of our hour long walk/run we meet up with other dogs so they can play eachother to exhaustion. It is fun to watch and the dogs always work it out as long as the people don't interfere. I guess not everybody watches the dog shows on NG. Having a dog around just seems like the natural order of things. Having a well-mannered, secure, & happy best friend in the house and on the trail and by your side is just -- right. If you can, if you're thinking about adopting/rescuing, do it. As the saying goes, 'it won't change the world but it will change the world for that dog' or something pretty close to that. You get the idea.