Tuesday 20 April 2010

Seeing Clearly

I have been thinking about this place lately. Well, not the place exactly, but the state of mind of the place. That is, seeing the beauty of imperfections. I wonder why we are so much more forgiving when we are somewhere 'foreign'? I personally have such a hard time with less than perfection in my real life. I have tried, oh yes I have tried, but I just don't feel right when things are amiss ( or, a mess). But, get me out of my comfort zone, baby, and suddenly ...Colors are just right. Decay is lovely. Noise is not disturbing. Everything is ambience. Disorder? Syndrome?Disease? Nah, just your normal, common, everyday compulsive personality who likes to get out there and see the world (through sunglasses, of course) and then come back home and tidy up. No apologies.


BOBOJOJO said...

"Hey"... Where did you get a picture of my apartment?

It's ssoooooooooo quiet here.

I Love the insane, the constant itteruptions of peace and quiet, the reality of an out of control envinronment, to remind us that we control absolutely nothing.

I know it's hard for you Gee, I have seen you fluster when certain individuals cannot, or will not, adhere to a relatively simple task, as signing into an excersise board.

Italian???? I wonder...
Perhaps your lineage had some roots on the other side of the Rhine.
Perhaps Uncle Guido went for a late night swim and a tawdry little romance with a stein weilding frauline devoloped... Quien sabe?
Your still just peachy with me though Vaquera.


Gravatational: The cause, and or effect of gravity

Gravity: The glue God put on our feet to keep us on the ground.

P.S. For a more detailed definition, please refer to my owners manuel, which clearly points out on page twenty-three, that I have given myself a carte blanche, artistic liscence, with regards to the English language.
In laymens terms.... I pretty much make this stuff up as I go. And that includes words darling.



ingrid said...

well well.
I do believe that my second favorite thing to admire and think on after trees, are old, ruined, almost destroyed buildings.
Old homes, old factories, old abandoned churches. . anything. They have such untold stories. I love your photographs.

as to imperfections and things running amuck: I had vowed at an early age to (on occasion) let the pencils go dull, the dust pile, the clean laundry sit out. . .
Because I fear the insanity that runs in my family. I do not exaggerate for the sake of drama, tis sadly true and my sisters and I keep watch on each other. We all have the mental ice bucket handy in case we need to dump it over one of our heads.

And yet all three of us tend to have "a place for everything and everything in its place".

Regardless, beautiful, beautiful photos.

Joey Boshart said...

Okay... I must, ONE DAY, meet bobojojo because I am JOJOBOBO. And I love the thought process.

Gee... do you make Thom wash his feet before he takes a shower???? I know, for a fact, that on at least one occasion, you did. : )

We are "koo-koo nuts" in our own, silly way. Your way is nice... and really clean. : )

Love you clean and tidy girl!

Your "ruffled, dusty" friend

Dog By Nature said...

It's always easier to be less messy when you're traveling:) (Makes it more fun too:)

Sparky's Mom said...

Oh my, there's so much truth in what you just said. Amazing how, if we switch the scenery, things become more beautiful and acceptable.

I love those pictures, they are beautiful ... and yes, the decaying house on my street is anything BUT beautiful in my eyes. LOL.