Tuesday 8 April 2014

home...it's good to be

What is more wonderful than walking into your very own home and looking around and thinking how happy it makes you.
After three months on the road seeing amazing sights, eating amazing foods, discovering things to like in places we thought we didn't I will say again...
it's good to be home.

Thanks to all our truly lovely friends and family for letting us impose on your everyday schedules and making time for us to visit...and to those whose driveways became our  
MotorHovel camp site,
we give you a big HUG...you were all so patient and somewhat amused at the famous 'leveling of the RVfiasco'...that would be the fault of the damn rv reefer and drives us just as crazy everytime we have to do it.   Of course having an audience when we are doing it keeps the language rating 'PG'...you should hear us when we are on our own.
It's embarrassing. 

...it's true, everything is BIGGER in Texas !


Saturday 5 April 2014

dear 'friends'

Anyway, here I be back for a moment from the life-sucking grip of FB.  Wowza.  It is so easy to get drawn back in and it takes a herculean effort to back away.   I am not saying I do not like it. That is the main difference this time around.   I find myself liking it and have come to appreciate how it can have its place and time. I have even added a couple of 'friends'.  I still feel that it is quite impersonal and a bit too public (which is why I find myself resorting to the private 'chat' most often).   It is a connection, of sorts, of course it is, but I guess for me it just misses the mark.   It comes close but doesn't hit home.  It just feels 'less' and somewhat lacking.   But I get it, I do and I'm in.