Sunday 5 May 2013

Fun & Games

Part of any DIY home remuddling involves physical injuries and lately I have been the recipient of a couple of doozies.   Both self-inflicted and due to my tendency to get really (really) excited when I can see the end of a project.  So  yesterday I dropped a crowbar on my foot.  Ow.  Those things are heavy in a way that was a bit unexpected.  The top of my foot swelled up very fast and looked like a blue golf ball was lodged under my skin.  Of course I imagined it to be a blood clot that would quickly make its way up to my heart and blah,blah, blah.  No, no pictures, just use your imagination.

Then this morning I decided to hang this framed item that had been leaning against a wall for far too long.   Upon discovering that the screw would not screw so easily into the stud (yes, I have a trusty stud finder but can also find  studs without said stud finder) decided to help it in by banging a nail in part way first.    Yes,  things slipped and I nailed my finger instead of stud.  Briefly, there was lots of dripping blood which was annoyingly getting on everything and I had to stop to wrap the finger in a paper towel secured with blue painter's tape.  All I wanted to do was get that thing on the wall and no way was my bloody stump going to slow me down.   Side note:  LOVE the painter's tape when used for medical purposes as actually sticks to itself better than to anything else.

This obviously has nothing to do with the pics posted here of my newly installed glass blocks.  I just adore them.   Now, as I sit here at my laptop and gaze lovingly up at them,  they make me so happy that I forget the foot and the finger and all the other bruises, bumps, aches & pains of reality renovating.   Sound familiar to anyone?