Saturday 27 March 2010


Is that a great word or what? I was reading in bed the other night and came across this word and could not, for the life of me, figure out what it meant. I re-read the sentence it was in, then re-read the paragraph and still...duh. Resorted to asking my partner-in-crime but he was just as flummoxed (another good word!). So, it was Google to the rescue. Yay. Upon learning its meaning, (you'll just have to Google it yourself) I LOVE it even more. Maybe this is why girls love their dogs so much... because they are just so 'foolishly fond' of us. I even like the other part...the 'submissive' part. But I especially love the 'devoted' part. Ah, devotion, so sweet. Nothing wrong with a little fantasy now and again, eh?

Wednesday 24 March 2010

Finding Our Way Home

No. Dogs are not like children. I have been thinking about this for a while now and I used to believe that. But let me explain. This inter-species connection that some of us are lucky enough to have is unique to dogs & people. When we become the guardians of dogs and let them into our hearts and our lives, we sign on for a wild ride. We sign on for a lifetime of unconditional love... really with no strings attached. Well, maybe some, like getting out and about every day to see the world and maybe being responsible for feeding and keeping them healthy. But even when some of us fail or fall short on these most basic things, our dogs make no judgments and hold no grudges. Imagine that -- not holding grudges -- wow. This relationship can't be explained, it can only be experienced. That seems to be why their deaths are just so personal and seldom shared. When we lose our dog, we lose a part of ourselves that we won't see anymore and that was what we saw through their eyes. Those who do understand become our saviors and for that we say thank you. Yeah, we move on. We may even get over 'it' but we will never, ever forget how they looked at us and how each and every look told us and only us exactly what was up. We get to have them their entire lives, by our sides. We don't have to let them go their own way. Our way is their way. It is our own secret club. We are the lucky ones. So I guess what I am saying's simply a case of a girl & her dog.

Tuesday 23 March 2010

The more time we spend together, the more I am convinced that this girl has a streak of wild in her that is always simmering behind those eyes. She is so unlike Cowgirl ever was and I really have to watch my expectation that she be more like her. I forget sometimes and just expect her to 'be-have' and then she reminds me by acting just like herself -- a 10month old undomesticated pup of indeterminate origin. So, there you have it and as is sometimes said, there must be a lesson to be learned here or something like that.

Sunday 14 March 2010

One Last Time

It's been quite a few weeks filled with many intense experiences, the most important one being the loss of a dear friend just a few days ago. It is so difficult to express all the emotions surrounding losing the 'WildMan' as he was affectionately known for so many years, but I'll give it a try. Bill was a very kind man. He was a man of principles with lots of tolerance for those without so many. He was a fine example to his children of what a good person is ( and they took that to heart). He really lived his life...the one he wasn't supposed to have...the one that was supposed to only last a year or so (according to the doctors way back then). He was a very loved husband. He left behind a lot of people who loved him very much as well. He is already sorely missed. We are glad we got to say goodbye to him and to see him smile one last time. I am glad that he even called me by my nickname, 'Bambina' one last time. I am glad to have held his hand one last time. I am glad that he made me laugh one last time. I am glad to have known him.