Wednesday 30 July 2008

AWESOME? ....Hardly

(not 'awesome' rubber boots, but pretty nice ones) Shall we discuss amongst ourselves when and how everything under the sun has become....'AWESOME'? I am getting so tired of hearing this word used to describe the most un-awesome of things, events, emotions, people, etc.. Let's get real, very few things in life are awesome. Very few times am I struck dumb and left with jaws agape at say a pair of flip-flops ( "hey, those are awesome flip-flops") or someone's new haircut ("awesome new do, dude") or a good wine ("awesome rot-gut"). Isn't it time to retire 'awesome' to the junkyard of other 'awesome', trendy words? Lest we forget 'boss', 'neat' and 'groovy'... may they rest in peace.

Wednesday 23 July 2008

Never Underestimate the Value of a Good Dipping Sauce

Really now, this was just the very first attempt at making spring rolls at home. My good friend and I were on the floor laughing when she grabbed this one in her hot little hand and gave me 'the look'. We learned a lot during the spring roll experiment, like not only is 'tightness' important, but 'moisture' is as well...Oh stop it...That is just so immature. Next time, perhaps a little less wine and a far more serious attitude and they will be a lot easier to eat.

Tuesday 15 July 2008

The Hokey Pokey?

...maybe that IS what it's all about! Upon reflection of the utter 'mundane-ness' of life, I am perversely comforted when reminded that we are not alone... that everyone has been there, done that, discovered and/or created. This continuous repetitive treadmill has all been before and if you are thinking it, then someone else is doing it. Wow. We are all united. We are all connected by that thread. I think that is why it is so much fun to be in the midst of an experience so many others have shared. Like many before me, I am very much in love with my dog, and so thankful to have been blessed with her for so long. It is a little thing in the grand scheme of little things but it has been a miracle to me. I am thinking these things because she is getting old and she is changing in very obvious ways and it makes me sad. But today she is still my little angel, as sappy as that sounds to some of you and as real as that sounds to the rest of you, it is a walk worth taking. Sweet.

Tuesday 8 July 2008

Girl With a Sense of Style

I must confess I am intrigued by the ways people choose to be themselves. The thinking and the work that goes into molding an image is quite fascinating. Lately, I have NOT been pleased with whatever the heck is going on with me. The preparation is the same, but the result is not at all what I am used to. The image looking back at me is is just Who is this person? She acts like me and she talks like me, but really 'she' is just the mirror image me. Why isn't the usual stuff working? Life was so simple when all a girl needed was to, and I quote every mom, "put on a little lipstick". Maybe a big dose of 'la dolce vita' is order... Italy, now that's a fun idea!

Sunday 6 July 2008

Why We Like?

It is always interesting, isn't it, to wonder why we like the things that we like. What makes something or someone pleasing to the eye? to our eye? What is pretty? What is beautiful? The chemical reaction that happens when we 'like' is such a high, both emotionally and physically. It can make me hop in place. I am talking about the really simple things that please me like stuff from the garden or a clean house or somebody who really doesn't know how beautiful they are or just the view (at any time of the day) from the deck.