Wednesday 10 April 2013

Love in Captivity

Just thinking about 'love' and 'big love' and  'lost love'  and 'misunderstood love' and just 'love'  in general,  and how it never really goes away or falls by the by and by.  It has a life of its own and screw the rules (what rules?) .    I suspect this to be a very good thing in the grande scheme of our very short lives or quite possibly  the only thing of substance left when all else is said & done.   I keep my love  safe and close and captive
and most little cowgirls like it that way.


Friday 5 April 2013


                                                 the tree....before

                   MAD MAX himself (I like his equipment)


I know to most real Canadians this is not such an amazing sight but to me it caught my attention in a big way.  I have never, I repeat never seen someone climb up a tree (this tall) and cut off all the branches on the way up and then start to chop it down in sections.  These guys were fearless and I know, its something they do everyday and they assured me it was 'a piece of cake' and  'so easy' but still....really?  When I looked up and saw Mad Max at the tippy top of the tree,  I stopped scared me big time.    But, within an hour the larch tree was down and the guys were gone but not forgotten.  

I love how things get done in  Canadia, oh, Canadia .