Wednesday 20 June 2012

room with a view

One of the benefits of living in a rainforest is that along with all the rain,  you also get to see a lot of
Of course, they seem like much more of a miracle in person than any of my photos can capture.
But, in light of the heaps of regret that come with  posting something so benign, so quietly it is.
Not much to add to this except to point out the obvious fact that it was a fleeting event  and this particular 'bow seemed to me to be a bit on the lazy side in the way it lounged
 along the mountain.
Not so clearly pointing to that pot of gold, 
but more of a laid-back, it might be there or it might not be there kind of attitude.



Tuesday 12 June 2012

Happy Hour Campsite

It's just the beginning but so far so cute.  I have a ways to go as I want to throw some grass seed around it and also to place some larger boulders after burying the metal thingy.   But it is on the new flat part of the terraced area and has a sweet view of the mountain and the lower bush area.  It works as we've already had some fires and some spicey ceasars  (a drink made with tomatoe vegg juice, herbs & spices and a sprinkle of hot sauce to taste... oh,  and of course,  a bit of vodka and squeeze of lemon or lime).   Did I say "YUM"?     But, anyway, just an update because I have been lax in posting due to major moving of rocks/boulders/dirt/gravel etc.  Every muscle in my body aches and my neck is killing me.   I am loving it.