Saturday 30 May 2009

Fashion vs Function vs Fashion

Why is it that there are certain articles in our closets that attract us and that very attraction defies all logic or reason? I cannot give up nor am I willing to even consider life without these boots. This obsession happened a good two years before there was any obvious reason for it. Circumstances have changed since my days of being a 'real housewife of Orange County' to what I am today. My collection of fabulous high heels are merely on display now (in the basement, no less) as wearing them would only be ridiculous at best, and masochistic at worst. Walking is now the priority and not just from the vehicle to the building but sometimes into the bush, or along the creek or up the trail or down the laneway. This attachment to the land requires proper footwear and hence a more grounded feeling all around. I like the solid footing that a good boot gives and the security also. I also like the challenge of making a personal style statement so out of the (shoe)box.

Friday 22 May 2009

No One Gets Out Alive

I have been feeling fragmented lately. Been feeling more a 'sum of my parts' rather than a complete person. Neither here, nor there. Restless, and letting that feeling that there is something more out there, to creep into my psyche. On the other hand, life is about as full as ever these days and health is optimal. Ahhhh. I think I just figured it out. It's those wacky near-death experiences that do it to you over the long run. Nearly dying changes one in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. For me, it has made life far less scary. Let me clarify a bit. Although, I still think and overthink things, jumping into the deep end is now fraught with anticipation, not dread. The problem being that there are just so many ways to go and so many things to do. Once again it comes down to making a decision and then just assuming it is the right one. My broken record of a mantra... live a life with no regrets.

Saturday 16 May 2009

Just a Moment...please

It was bound to happen and it did today. My job today was to switch out the winter clothes and switch in the summer warm-weather wear. Normally, a job I enjoy and for the most part, I did enjoy it. Then I found Cowgirl's winter bootie. It was the only one left of a set of four that she hadn't worn out. I guess that was why I had kept it and it made me so sad to see it. God, these moments still get me and get me bad. Writing about these brief downward spirals tends to somehow deflect their power and for that your indulgence is requested.

Tuesday 5 May 2009

Back in a Week

Sometimes it is necessary to hit the road. A break in the routine for just a week to an area so unlike this green, wet, wooded place. So, off I go to a land of plenty where shopping malls meet shopping malls yet coyotes still howl in the hills.