Thursday 25 August 2016

Summer Ramp Up !

I should expect this to happen every summer, because it always does.  The season starts up slowly and meandering with a few guests trickling in and the building & maintenance  projects getting started  and then...WoW -- things start to RAMP UP.   All of a sudden I am actually on holiday myself.   I know, a concept that may be foreign to all of you who still have jobs and work for a living, but just because no one is paying me anymore doesn't mean I don't work and work hard every day around here -- okay dismounting

 from my high horse now...sorry. 
 I admit its hard for me to not be productive but I am enjoying as I do every year,  seeing who makes the trek to the great white north.
There are a few repeat visitors and also some first-timers.

My brother was a first timer this year and I was so thrilled to see him and have him finally see my life here.  It was a bittersweet time for both of us as we have begun to forge a different relationship now that our mum has died.
It really was closure and re-start, at least for me and I do think for him too.
There are also the long-time friends and the blasts from the past friends who show up too.  
Me so lucky to have love in my life and so many who put up with all my nonsense.