Monday 14 November 2011


Heading south of the border....well the Canadian border that is...and down into SoCal for a little bit. Sitting here this a.m. watching the flurries loating down and the SUN shining and just hoping this mild weather hangs on until we drive out of here. Looking forward to checking back in with friends and family and sharing some good times...kicking back, shopping, getting a foot massage (at the Happy Day Spa...oh, John!) and some good eats.
Okay, the picture is me in Mexico, last February, but you get the idea...a little sun, a little sea, a little bit evocative of how 'cali' is so often portrayed in the movies. Yes, everyone has beachfront property.

Tuesday 8 November 2011


The nights here are fairly remarkable in that over-the-top, oh-its-so-cold outside, kind of a way. Being away from city lights makes for a darkness that is in such contrast when the moon makes its appearance. In addition, the re-cycling, re-purposing, un-consumpting, re-storing, de-constructing
and re-doing of the MO-bile, has started.
Little things are finding their way in and a bunch of things have moved on. A vision is e-volving or maybe I should say de-volving? SO MUCH FUN

Saturday 5 November 2011

a not-so-funny thing happened...

It seemed like it came out of the blue but apparently not. I have recently been told that I have a few (well, many) shortcomings which are making it impossible for someone to remain in my life. This person is considering removing themselves from my realm. This is very, very disturbing to me and I am puzzled by this turn of events. But, I have been given some very specific examples of where and when I have messed up and yes, I guess, guilty, to a certain degree. But if 'intent' is considered even in a court of law, than all I can say is my 'intentions' were never evil or designed to hurt....I was unaware, actually, of the seriousness of the incidents and was truly oblivious. I have a tendency to underestimate my own importance to some people...just a little self-esteem issue that is, there, at the very core of me. Yes, me, self-doubting and unsure, at times, more often than one might imagine. Anyway, this is a rather personal post for me and a direction that I usually don't go in, but this situation is very troubling to me and I need some input from my e-friends.