Wednesday 22 February 2012

me in action

Sometimes feeling bemused and befuddled can lead me into a feeling of vague uncertainty. Actually, this particular state of being usually means to me that I need to get my fat arse into gear. So, yesterday I (finally) got on my x-country skis and got onto the river trail. It was amazing and eerie and cold and so beautiful and did I mention, quiet? How could I have forgotten how wonderful an aerobic workout feels...I didn't, I just got out of the habit since moving to the country. We all know the countless excuses for NOT exercising so no need for me to list mine. While they can be compelling the key is not letting the excuses slip and slide into becoming your 'lifestyle'. Okay, that is my motivational speech to myself. Talk amongst yourselves as I need to lift some weights now. Seriously.

Tuesday 14 February 2012


Okay, so a friend gave me two boxes of these fabulous B&W, vinyl
peel & stick, tiles.
At first I thought I would use them on the floor
in maybe the mudroom or somewhere else.
So I stashed them out in the shed.
And there they waited.
Then, we continued the 'whiting-out' of the MO-bile.
I was thinking as we were painting this alcove where the fridge and the washer and dryer sit, that something
wasn't quite right and it was the fact that things were too
white. Too blah. Something was needed to liven things up.
Now that little corner of the kitchen
"just pops".
Simple MO-bile minds.

Friday 10 February 2012


It seems like most of the bloggers I tend to regularly read, have lately been writing about such 'serious' things. Major life issues, deep thoughts, emotions, cancer, gratitude and stuff like that. Well, here I go getting with the trend. Why does it seem when you start to believe that things are going really well and that you might just be....HAPPY...that some incident can throw you over the edge? There I was today, just as confident and sure of myself, and dealing with things perfectly fine, when I let someone's off hand remark and pissy attitude push me down a metaphoric spiral staircase. My tendency is of course, in these situations, to try to protect that other person's reputation and to 'cover' for their rudeness. I realize I am being vague (purposely) because that is just what I do....I would never,ever embarrass someone else even when they so deserve it. Much better to take on that role myself. God, I hate it when I do that. I hate it when I convince myself that I am responsible for someone else acting like an jerk. There. I said a not so nice word about someone and put it out on the internet where it will stay forever,floating in space, swirling around like that place in the ocean with all the plastic trash.

Thursday 2 February 2012

Snow Falling on MO-bile...

Ah, the MO-bile in winter repose, sitting pretty and counting the days until we can throw open those windows and doors and just come and go with out a 20minute layering-up routine beforehand. Still re-muddling the interior and painting and re-purposing. We are moving into the nether regions now and starting to think about the bathing area. What to do? What to do? You know I have all kinds of ideas. I am thinking: chains, better view outside, shower drain in the floor and some other 'not your mother's bathroom' scenarios. This is all subject to change as is usual with DIY renos. Isn't that the fun of it?
It does drive some members of the clan quite crazy but that is their cross to bear.
My job is to get my way.
Yes, I do admit to some mistakes.
We all remember the matching, 500 pound, concrete end tables I had made, don't we?
They were really fun to move around the house.