Wednesday 30 June 2010

"Having Said That"

Sometimes you can choose your relatives. Even though our 'familial' tie is a bit of a stretch (too complicated to explain) we have decided that it is enough to consider ourselves 'cousins' of a sort. The last 3 weeks here with Kathy have been hilarious & ridiculous. You know how it is when you are with someone who gets your humour and is also a really good sport about being the object of the joke, as well. Plus, she lets me dress her, which for anyone that knows me, knows that is one of my secret thrills. "Having said that", I was confounded, befuddled and perplexed about which photos to post that would accurately reflect our visit. I could have just gone with the beautiful pictures that Kathy took of the lake and here they are. But, the temptation to include one, just one, dress'-up shot was too much for me. I am weak. I am tweaked. I know not what I do.

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Swimming With the Fishes

This is the first time for PG on the kayak and she only dumped us once. I say, not bad, considering her, uh, 'giddy' personality. The capsizing occurred when she spotted a large, white & black, round buoy that we were serenely rowing towards. I noticed her rapt attention and then her low growl. So, I decided the best thing to do was just get closer to it and let her see that it was just a big ball in the water and nothing to be scared of. Of course, we now know that I totally misjudged this one. As we got closer and closer she started to get panicked and before I could stop, change directions or do anything...she bolted. First though, she jumped on me and using me as a springboard dove into the lake. The kayak flipped (in slow mo) and I followed. Man, it was cold. I was so happy we were both wearing our life vests as it took a moment to figure out what to do. We were not too far from shore but way over our heads. First thing I had to do was grab her (as she was trying to climb up on the upside down kayak) and point her towards the shore and push her away. So as she was paddling towards land, I started towing the kayak in as well. Swimming is hard when you are not used to it and I am not, but slowly I made it and all was well. I caught my breath, righted the boat, got back in and after a few minutes convinced PG to get back on with me. We steered clear of that horrible, scary, buoy. No, I have no pictures and there was no one around to see us (or even save us ) but a good lesson learned by me. STAY CLOSE TO THE SHORE....WEAR A LIFE VEST NO MATTER HOW HOT IT IS...GO WITH ANOTHER BUDDY....DON'T FACE THE DOG'S FEARS WHILE ON WATER...GET BACK ON AND RIDE AGAIN. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Monday 21 June 2010

So anyway, here is the thing.

Wednesday 16 June 2010

Dedicated to the Ones I Love

Some relationships are so fleeting, it seems, and others are so enduring. Some are relatively simple while others are so complicated. The complicated ones are exhausting and doomed to failure while the simple ones just float on and on until one day the inevitable occurs. Sigh. I think about dying almost every night as I am falling asleep...don't worry, it is not an obsessive or morbid ritual. It is just that I want to be 'right' with it or maybe just 'ready ' for it. For me that means really living a life that that fits me well. I am trying to follow a longing that keeps resurfacing on a regular basis and that is to be more and more self-sufficient and simple. Funny, huh, that what I want is so 19th century when you think about it. Yes, I know, what I have now is pretty ideal in many ways, but, this other longing is always back there in the fog. I think it is a longing for freedom just to do, and to be, while I can, on my own little piece of earth. Another of what I like to call 'a true thing'. Not to try to get that true thing would be regret on my part. Regret, seems not to be an option. I miss my 'girl' and I miss a few others that have made this such a good run so far. It's the whole package, really, that is painting this life. There is so much more to do...ride 'em cowgirl.

Sunday 6 June 2010

Move It Along, Please

Death is delayed, never avoided. Such a comforting thought, seriously, and not morbid at all. It merely points out the obvious, which is, all we've got is today, baby. I wish I could be one of those that 'knows' there is something even more wonderful in the sweet hereafter, but I just can't get my head around that. Sorry. Personally, I find great comfort in knowing that this is all we get -- all of us -- all creatures great and small -- get the same shot. I like the fact that life is an even playing field. 'Kindness to all living things is the one true religion'. Not sure who this is attributed to (Buddha? perhaps?) but this seems to continue to work for me. It's simple, it's all-inclusive, it's easy. Anyone can do it.