Monday 19 January 2015

Flooring Update-- a little late !

Well the flooring in the new addition is down and has been in since before Christmas but I have been lax on reporting renovation progress....the holiday blues did get the best of me.  The pics are not the best because its kind of hard to get the whole space and so many details are being tended to... like the baseboards.  Stuff like that takes us a whole lot of time but since these photos were taken I can proudly say that 90% of them are attached.  The small length that we couldn't attach is because there is a moisture leak on one of the new(old) reused fixed windows we installed.  We can't do the the re-caulking on it until the temperature warms up -- yes, that frustrates me to no end...I want it done.  Anyway, I will take some better photos as many small details have been completed.  As with any renovation its all in the details!