Thursday 4 September 2014


HOME....well I have, with an addict's difficulty,  wrenched myself away from the incidious  F-book for the time being.   I have become somewhat dependent and in love with the instantaneous comments and the 'likes' and just the nice responses to postings,  so I will most likely be slinking back and forth.   Its a classic love/hate disfunctional relationship that is too good a drug to really give up entirely...the delusion being that I can have 'just one' which we all know is the lie we tell ourselves to get what we want, to get what we need.  Oh well.

Okay, here's what I have.  Pictures, not of puppies or kittens although I love both,   but of the making of a small home, an oasis of sorts.    We all should be so lucky (at least I think so)  as to get to make a home to our that pleases us in its use of materials and the lines of design that make us happy and feel cozy.  It is simple & clean & functional & methinks melikes mehome.