Saturday 30 April 2011

Patient Prognosis: Full Recovery !

Sorry for not posting sooner but its been a busy week with puree-ing (?) all of PonyG's food and keeping her quiet and still. She is doing so well and is on the road to a full recovery. All systems seem to functioning properly and she is through with the antibiotics as well as the anti-inflammatory stuff. No signs of internal gut leakage so we are passed that fear. I must say I was amazed that she never, never, bothered her stomach stitches at all, in fact, they are still in. Sometimes that little pea-brain surprizes us. She still is not allowed to hike with me or run free or play with others but she is feeling good enough to check out the cats next door with her usual 'evil eye'. So as the saying goes...'she's baaaacccck'. Thanks everyone for your thoughtful and supportive emails and comments. We were so very touched and it helped so much to have a dog-loving community surrounding us. LOVE, Love, love...

Tuesday 26 April 2011

the 'thing'

It came from below...a creature unlike any wreaked havoc for days on one knew it was there until it was almost too late. So there you have it...the $2,160.60 jagged piece of rubber that plugged up PonyG's plumbing. That 'thing' got stuck in her small intestine and would not move any further along. Hence the refusal to eat or drink anything for 7 days and the downward spiral of energy and life force. ( the patient resting comfortably ) She is now under house arrest which means no running or jumping, no exercise at all, only blenderized food several times a day, and rest and quiet. The outside incision is healing nicely, but it is the inside one that we are most concerned about. Without getting into too many details, we want to avoid any 'leakage' from the intestinal incision....that would not be nice.

Thursday 21 April 2011


I was hoping to not have to write this but here goes. PonyGirl has not eaten or drank for 7 days now. It started last Thursday morning with vomiting that wouldn't stop. We got that stopped with an anti-nausea injection. Since then she has refused any food or water or anything we have tried to tempt her with. She is lethargic and very sad and seemingly depressed. We have been back and forth to the vet's this whole week and done a myriad of tests -- all come back normal -- she is seemingly a 'healthy dog' except for the fact that she is starving to death. She has lost weight and lord knows she can't afford that as she is pretty skinny already. She does not appear to be in any pain, either. Today, we discussed 'exploratory surgery' as we are all stumped. Since everything else has come up clean, the vet is thinking more and more that there is an obstruction. But we all decided to try one more night with (gulp) forced feedings of macerated food and water through a syringe. Before we even made it home from this last visit, she vomited again in the car (just the miniscule tidbits we had convinced her to eat this morning). So, another call to the vet's office. I am waiting for the vet to call us back to schedule the surgery. Most likely tomorrow morning but maybe tonight. We are not trying anymore feeding as it seems pretty obvious now that there is something stuck down there. This post may be lacking in some details, but yes, we have considered everything else it could possibly be and this is where we are at this time. Wish us a good outcome please.
Addendum: We made it through surgery. The 'thing' was found and removed. Patient is in recovery. More details to follow in another post...soon. We are over the worst.

Tuesday 19 April 2011

me so sad

Well today has been a real bummer. 'Chica' the mexican pup me and my compadre, Joey, wrangled off of Isla Mujeres a few years back, died today. She had a rough go of it towards the end as Joey told me. But she could still wag her tail despite that. Makes me shake my head and smile. Yes, I smile, thinking of her on that beach in Mexico, just a bundle of sweetness and total innocence. Doing her best to survive another day. Joey, you did such a big, good thing that day. You made the difference in one dog's life and I know she made a difference in yours. R.I.P. 'la chica dulce',
a real good dog.

Monday 11 April 2011


It is so easy to go from feeling strong and healthy to feeling like, death warmed over. So, I wake up Sunday, fighting it, because I know I AM SICK. Head is aching, stomach is rocking & rolling, all muscles are hurting. What? Why? Help me. Feeling so bad that the ultimate solution actually sounds like not a bad idea. The only good part is that I know I am not going to throw up because I haven't had the sub-title run in front of my eyes...the one I always get....the one just before the deed that goes, "oh dear God, I am going to throw up". At least we can be thankful for that. Okay, I get up, I slug some coffee (it doesn't help), I hydrate with lemon water (that has to help), well not so much. I think maybe some bland oatmeal will settle things (no, not at all). I go back to bed (not what I need). I start to think about the big guns....pain medication --Yeah! I just happen to have some leftover pain meds from a previous dental incident that are still good, well, I still have them so, that is good. I down a couple and then (hear the harp music) , I come up with the bubble bath plan.....Yesssssssssss......this is good. We are going to thwart this. Hah. After a good hot soak, con bubbles and subdued light, the meds are starting to work. I am feeling less terrible and more un-dead. Then and only then do I know that I can make it to the birthday party for our friend's 4 year old daughter later this afternoon. Yes, its true, but only after I first drag myself to the Evil-Wal-Mart to get her a present. The shocker I tell you is that I started to feel even better once I got into the store...they must pump something into the Evil-Wal air... pheromones, perhaps...? I say this because I fell in love with 'FASHIONISTA KEN' in the toy section . I had to have (buy) him and while I was at it , I bought him a change of cloths too, you know just in case he got 'dirty'. He seems so metro-sexual and all, that I assumed he would appreciate that. I made it to the party and truth be told, I had a blast and 'KENNETH ' was quite the 'Mr. Popularity'. He seemed to have trouble keeping ANY of his clothes on....what a dog.

Tuesday 5 April 2011 so funny!

It appears that I have been missed...yah! I love it. Well I am about to use the excuse that all of my funny, funny friends have been using.... I HAVE BEEN BUSY. Yes, too true. I won't even go into what it is that I have been doing but suffice to say IT IS IMPORTANT. It also involves paperwork and gathering of all kinds of numbers as well as some running around. Okay, I am still having fun and did recently go on my last x-country ski. (See cute apres-ski my nose really that big?) Now, the skiis are put away as the snow is almost completely gone. Then there is some secret stuff that I can't blab to everyone about on the internet. ...and I have been dressing up the dog, sort of. It seemed funny at the time although she is none too happy about it.