Monday 25 July 2016

Back to Blogging

Sometimes it is not so easy to get back to the basics.  But, tonight I decided that I miss posting here.  So I am just diving in with no agenda other than getting into the swing of blogging once again.  This is the garden earlier this summer on a cool misty morning.  Things were just starting to sprout and look a lot different today but anyway, it was just one of those lovely moments when all is good in your world and the coffee is almost ready.   I was antsy for the vegs to really get going but being the first year for that plot it was a bit s-l-o-w on the grow.  The last 4 years were spent de-rocking, de-weeding, de-rooting of said weeds, repeat process at least 2 more times, then add compost, topsoil, organic stuff, straw, cover crop, turn, turn, mix & turn,  and then (finally) plant for the first time this spring.  I promised myself I would just chill and plant easy things that basically could grow themselves but I still harboured such high expectations. 

 Okay, the last 2 weeks have seen some major growth with some tomatoes on the vine, some microscopic squashes, actual kale and chard at edible sizes, carrots (tiny & tasty), beets incubating still,  beans miraculously forming, potatoes in the mounds and many peppers of all kinds as well as something that might be an eggplant!   Not bad for homemade dirt, I'd say...not fabulous but an okay first time out. 

 Wow, I feel better coming back to my blog.