Thursday 26 May 2011

Compromising Position

Here's PG with her 'new' best friend, Bailey. Bailey is a beautiful wolf-malumute-husky and since he's still a puppy, he lets Miss 'I-am-tougher-than-you' do these sorts of things to him. He already outweighs her at six months old and even she with her pea-sized brain, knows this and acts accordingly. Dare I say things are mellowing out with wild child.

Sunday 22 May 2011

Hello? Anybody left?

HELLO. It's hard not to joke about the beginning of the end of the world, but it appears that enough $money$ was donated to the doomsayers to get us a sort of reprieve...for now. Of course the world is ending. We all already know that. Now let's get back to our own personal realities. So, the garden is in. As you can see there is not a whole lot of action yet, but the rocks look real keen and I am just so pleased with the whole prehistoric, crop circle look of the yard. I love the beginning of a garden, when there is just the dark dirt with nothing messing it up. I know that is not quite the point, but I can't help it. It's just knowing that there is stuff happening underneath that dirt. Amazing things actually. And in just a matter of days/weeks these patches of dirt will look very different. I also am pleased to report that I have finally admitted that PonyGirl is not COWGIRL. Sure, obvious to you, but some of us are major practitioners of denial. (I think she is giving me the evil-eye in that pic?)

Monday 16 May 2011


Because PonyGirl is, shall we say, obsessed with the cute cat next door, and has broken through almost every collar and leash and rope and cord trying to keep that cat off of our property and keep the cat off it's own property and off of all fences and decks and lawns and trees.... well, you get the idea...
we have become the people in the neighborhood who have to keep their (poor dog) a.k.a. . ***BIG BAD DOG*** on a chain! when the dear puppy is sunning herself on the deck or really anytime she is outside at all. It is most annoying and I am trying ALL training methods and tips to try and change this OBSESSION. Some days I think we are making progress and other days it's 'thank God for the chain'

Saturday 7 May 2011

a few things...

Well, its been a very busy week but here's the important wrap-up. The Pony turned 2years old on the 5th of May. She almost didn't make it to this birthday as we are all well aware, but the 'thing' incident seems to be behind us. I took the stitches out myself and you may not believe this but she is a really good patient -- not just with me but with the vet too. It surprised me how docile she was during all her medical procedures. Yesterday was her first official outing and WOW was she happy to be out and running around. She met up with a couple of her old pals and also met a new one. She had a good romp and some good rough-housing. Got tired, but here's the amazing thing...she actually CAME when called, off leash, no less. I nearly suffered cardiac arrest as you can see by the panic-blurred picture below...