Sunday 22 May 2011

Hello? Anybody left?

HELLO. It's hard not to joke about the beginning of the end of the world, but it appears that enough $money$ was donated to the doomsayers to get us a sort of reprieve...for now. Of course the world is ending. We all already know that. Now let's get back to our own personal realities. So, the garden is in. As you can see there is not a whole lot of action yet, but the rocks look real keen and I am just so pleased with the whole prehistoric, crop circle look of the yard. I love the beginning of a garden, when there is just the dark dirt with nothing messing it up. I know that is not quite the point, but I can't help it. It's just knowing that there is stuff happening underneath that dirt. Amazing things actually. And in just a matter of days/weeks these patches of dirt will look very different. I also am pleased to report that I have finally admitted that PonyGirl is not COWGIRL. Sure, obvious to you, but some of us are major practitioners of denial. (I think she is giving me the evil-eye in that pic?)


Joey Boshart said...

I do see a family resemblance though.... Your yard looks glorious. Going through seasons you get to understand and appreciate the "magical, incredible, miraculous" things that were put in order.

Love you... hear you bout denial.



kevel88 said...

My tomatoes are 3ft high and there are small zuchi's. Just harvested a bunch of beats and kale and lettuce for my salad tomorrow.

pets are like kids. . . they are not all the same!! Should not be treated the same. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT!!. . . Sound you are trying to put the pony who is a bit of a square peg into a round hole. She has her own personality and you love her as she is. Get use to it!! And enjoy the day.

Sparky's Mom said...

Hah! Evil Eye indeed!
Looking forward to seeing your little garden pics soon... I think we're all in denial about our pets ... at least from what I can glean from your posts, Ingrid's and mine ... Oh well. Denial protects us during the harshest times until we are ready and able to deal with reality. It's not always a bad thing.

Shelley said...

LOVE your gardens Gina!!! Lots of work collecting all those rocks I bet! Hey, LOTS has been happening with me...bought a NEW place yesterday, reconciling things OUT, moving back to COOMBS! An illness I got changed ALOT of things!!

ingrid said...

OH how I wish I had a garden!! I'm growing some indoor basil & garlic from my father's garden. But someone (ahem) knocked over the garlic and I'm not sure it's going to recover.

And that same someone is also starting to carve her own personal spot into my heart. And I'm starting to feel fortunate to have had two totally different personalities from my dogs.