Tuesday 15 November 2016

THOM Talks *

Today's topic is THOM Talks* which are a lot like TED Talks...but they're not.
 Oh, please allow me to explain.  

A  THOM Talk* is always associated with a joint home project and
you guessed correctly, there is one and only one presenter.
It is similar to a 'proclamation' or a  'lecture'  requiring my rapt attention and, this part is very important... Absolutely. No. Interruptions.    A question, or a comment,  from our audience of one,  can be viewed as   'insubordination' and could be grounds for my immediate termination.
Me so scared!  

It is always assumed that I know nothing about the endeavour we are about to undertake.    During the THOM Talk*  I am only required  to stand by to run for tools, then additional tools,  and finally for all the tools we own and  then to watch in utter disbelief as many of these tools are tossed about.   There are moans & groans spewing freely.  Frustration builds.  Blame is attached to moi for it most certainly was/is  my idea to do whatever it is we are attempting to do.  
Inevitably there follows the vow to never, ever  agree to do any of my "hairbrained" ideas again . 
(Since this last tidbit  is one that is included at some point during every joint  project,  I guess we could call it a
'key point'
of a THOM Talk*)

Another element of  a THOM Talk* is that it can and does very often veer into the  philosophical realm such as  this  very sad lament/query:

  "Will I ever be allowed to retire?"
(pas moi asking this, obviously as I am most happily re-tired)

Meanwhile the TTalk* continues with me admittedly zoning out most of the babble and just hoping we can finish a good portion of the project before all is lost and
our TTalk* presenter abandons the lectern and walks off the stage/ ie. the job.
This is the critical slippery slope stage.
Most of our joint projects do get completed and some of them almost  get completed.
But none if them even  get started without a

THOM Talk*


I hang my tail and laugh -- Life...its funny.

Stay tuned for the next THOM Talk*  on
To Toot or Not To Toot"