Sunday 21 February 2016

Turns Out I've Been Right About Everything All Along

I started this post a few days ago and came
 up with so many examples to hammer this idea home,  but, then upon further reflection I thought what's the point?      It's only my short list of personal truths so here goes: 

* Your colon is a self-cleaning organ.  It does not need help to perform its function.     If it ever does, then you are probably pretty sick or have a really        lousy diet. 

*Exercise is good for a lot of things but not for losing weight.     
                      The only way  to lose weight is to eat less. Period.
 *The meat industry (factory farming) is a shameful and horrible fact of our modern world ( Let's include the dairy industry in this one) and needs to change -- I am doing what I can for that.
*The only reason a well fed, semi-intelligent , person with means,  becomes a hunter is because they enjoy killing animals. 
Please, will just one hunter admit this?

     * Genetics and luck are two things needed  in life to be successful and money and education  do both help a great deal.
*Sun protection  is 
the best thing you can do for your skin to keep it looking decent for a few decades.   The concept of 'anti-aging'  is marketing as its worst  (best?).
*YOGA is ridiculous.   Sorry but it is.
*Most of us are average.  Being  'special'  or 'gifted'  is a modern label applied to every child -- how can this possibly be the case?  And as George Carlin once asked "at what age does a child stop being special?"

   * It really is not possible to achieve 'anything'  you want in life.  
(see above  'genetics, luck, money,education')

*A clean home is a thing of beauty
(speaking of mine not yours and how I feel comfortable living)

*I try to be polite and kind to all living things.

*I prefer being charitable in a personal and private way.

*I do not like to talk about my personal finances.

*Your religious beliefs are your  religious beliefs. 

(and lastly for now)

    *When someone stops living, they are just gone, and that is okay.

 Okay, I may have gone on a bit here but trust me...I left out a lot of things -- stuff about friendships and family and feuds and making amends, as well as the art of many post ideas for yet another day.




Monday 8 February 2016

Variations on a Theme or Thoughts & Prayers

Okay here's one that perhaps we can expand upon:   
"It takes an village to make an idiot"  
Why, you may wonder, do I feel the need to expand upon this ?
Not sure.  I just know that I enjoy saying that phrase.
It's funny that's for sure and it does have some truth to it.
It can be a spot-on observation in any number of situations.
It can be combined with the ever popular:
"Don't worry, you'll spin out before you flip"
which is a comforting adieu that many of our departing dinner guests enjoy.
 That would be after an evening of enjoying, yes, you guessed it:
"Fruit wine...what's not to love?"
That being a favorite of  Shitt's Creek fans.

Then the variation that I use repetitively whenever we drive past a certain property off the main hi-way here, that being:
"It takes a village to make a mess"
I continually find it a hilarious observation of the jumble of crap, rvs, campers, pools, containers, pilesof stuff,  other vehicles and lean-to's  that have multiplied on what started out as a fairly decent new house build.
I know, I know...I am so judgmental.  That, my frenemies,  is exactly why I blog. 

"Best Regards"