Thursday 24 January 2013

what have we done...

....well just in case anyone was wondering,  we have been involved in a bit of de-construction and a bit of re-construction.   The old bath  cabinet is GONE and the newly re-built one is in (!).  The  new(old)  sink is installed and working.  It is higher than the standard for sink heights  and makes so much more sense.   Lots of finish work remains to be done but just thought I'd post a peek of things in process....

...hello...anybody up for a hike in the snow?


Saturday 5 January 2013


 It took us a few weeks and there was a lot of prep work (hate it) --   insulation, moulding, caulking, sanding, the making of shelf etc. by the K-man and lastly the painting. I've come full circle on the 'white' and I'm loving it.   

 Finally I was able to do the fun part -- pull everything together.  Had an idea of creating new bedazzling & bejewelled  knobs for the old mexican armoire.  So got out my glue and glass beads and old buttons--and there they are.  Then WOW--how black paint transformed that old pine piece into a chic, modern storage unit.  I remember buying and hauling that thing from Ensenada, Mexico oh so many years ago.   I couldn't be more pleased with that and the old trunk of the same vintage.  Of course, found at long last the perfect spot for a 'fleur-di-lis'courtesy of Joey-ho my personal 'f-d-l' supplier. 

 It seems to be working as this old MO-bile is feeling 'MO' like 'home' all the time.