Wednesday 22 August 2012


During a brief  'reno-interruptus' I acquired this little deco inspired table top.   A complete and utter surprise gift from a friend who is so observant and basically just so right on,  as well as generous and thoughtful and very,  very handy...did I forget to mention handsome?  Anyway,  the pedestal/urn had been topped with a silly little round  strawplacematthing,   that was functional but certainly not fashionable like my new bling thing.  Me adores it, my friend and you  K'now who you are.

Friday 10 August 2012


We may as well be living here.

I just want a simple shower built with corrugated sheet metal walls.
So we tore out the atrocious bathtub that came with the joint.
(please keep your comments polite)
Took it for a 'ride' to the dump and when it wasn't looking we
abandoned it in a dumpster.
We did glance back just in time to see the bulldozer smashing it...Yah! 

Yuk...the tub....eeek!

Bad attitudes are surfacing on a daily basis around here.
Maybe its the heat but 'cranky' seems to be the prevailing mood.
So, there the mess sits greeting us every morning, noon and night with nary a carpenter or plumber in sight.
Woe is word of choice.

But there is some progress:
new front door, more stone steps and gravel almost all the way around courtesy of my helper, MarkyMark, the best all-around worker anyone could hope for.   

MarkyMark aka 'the Rock'

Oooh, I am feeling better already.