Monday 5 September 2016

Put Down Your Gadgets, PLEASE.

This is just a little rant.   
A rant that will do no good and affect no change in anyone's behaviour.   Perhaps I am the only one annoyed by this now accepted behaviour among human beings but I must say something.
This attention to gadgets is so rude.
 It has become socially acceptable for some people to keep their gadget gripped and at the ready,  whilst visiting and chatting and conversing and enjoying food & drink, in the company of others.
The gadget is then referred to and information is accessed throughout the time spent together.
Every query is searched for and answered immediately from gadget-world -- there are no more mysteries.

Pictures are shared and more are taken while the present moment  is merely gotten through in order to be documented for viewing after the fact (!).

It is a tsunami of bad social behaviour that is here to stay. 
 Old school courtesy requires those of us without a gadget gripped in our fists to just sit quietly by and feign interest in 
all the facts & figures
that can be instantly obtained & verified.

Being so 'connected' seems so isolating that soon the art of conversation will be like LATIN,  still around but not in usage anymore.

Oh well.
Just my rant for the day
and just my opinion
as I try to disengage my own self from my